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Christmas Dinner

Looking forward to join us on this joyous event.
1 Dec 2023

Details will be published here.

Seminar on Creation

Biblical Creation in an Age of Science
29 July 2023

This event you would not want to miss. Exciting Topics, genuine speakers, in a much-needed time and culture.

Next Meeting

Sherif Thomas is going to engage us in an exciting talk on How to read the Bible. Genesis 1 as an Example.
27 July 2023

How to Read the Bible: Genesis 1 as an Example
There are many ways to read your Bible, and most of them could be right, if they are applied in the right context. Discernment on how to read different parts of the Bible needs wisdom and training.
Join us next meeting to learn more about the right reading for the right part of your Bible.
Let's glorify God with earth sciences knowledge.

Perth Museum

Private Family Dinosaur Tour
2 July 2023

Here is the event we have been longing to organize. Thanks to Aaron White and his dedication, it is finally happening.
The visit to the WA Museum is a family friendly, private tour. The word “private” means that the tour leader will be dedicated to our group, so any one can join and enjoy.
Most probably, the guide would be holding an evolution world view with deep time scale. Respectfully, we may ask (inelegant) questions without challenging or intimidation. After the tour is finished, we can explain any controversy to the youngsters in the group.
On another note, the museum is hosting over 240 objects, including intricately decorated coffins, mummies, statues, and extracts from the Book of the Dead, for a short period of time. You can go earlier, if you like to explore these exhibits. No extra charges.
Bring your family and friends and let them have fun.
God bless you all.

Next Quarter Program

3rd Q 23
1 July 2023

July - Sep 23

Next Meeting

Mining Design
29 June 2023

It is honouring to introduce one of our hard working members, Sherif Messiha, Sherif is our main speaker for the next meeting.
Please pray for him and for the service.

Glorious Feast of Resurrection

With a Geological twist
27 Apr 2023

Happy Glorious Feast of Resurrection

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2022 Christmas Dinner

Let's celebrate His birth
17 Dec 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Visit to Perth Core Library

Come and check 10s of thousands kilometers of cores.
8 Sept 2022

State of the art technology, and friendly free tour.

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BGG in Kalgoorlie

Gold Prospecting
1 July 2022

Fine Fun, Find Gold.

June 22 Photo

Ron addressing the BGG
30 June 2022


March 21 Photo

Tas Walker with BGG and Creation Ministry Friends in Perth.
25 Mar 2021


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