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A Group with a Common Passion in the Bible and Earth Sciences

The Story of the
Bible Geoscien
ce Group

Machu Pichu

Our Bible Geoscience Group started in 2016 as a nonregistered organization initiated by four founding members. Harry Dickens (pseudonym), Lorne McCrum, John Oonunny, and Father Abram Abdelmalek.

Richard assumed the position of the Group's secretary till he resigned in 2021 due to work-related issues. Despite the vacuum Richard left, the Group grew over time. 

In 2021 the first elected committee was assigned to run the Group during the critical times of Covid -19. 

Members of the group are now spread all over the world, from Australia to the USA, Italy, Egypt, and many other localities. 

The Group welcomes everyone who shares the Biblical Young Universe Creation or who is interested to learn about it. 

Our Vision

Glorify the Lord and His Word in the geoscience disciplines.

Witness the consistency between God’s Word and God’s creation.

Our Mission

  • To develop Creation Geology and Geological Models through researching the word of God in the Bible and scientific literature.

  • To publish scientific and biblical research in the field of geoscience and its related apologetics.

  • To debut the fallacies of evolution and deep time.

  • To reach out to Christian and Non-Christian Geoscience Professionals to exchange views and findings in a hamble communication manner.

  • To reach out to other communities to familiarize them with Creation Geosciences.

​​​​​​​Our Verse



Our Logo

Our logo shows the initiatives of the name of the group with the first G depicting the different layers of earth. Two geology hammers take the shape of the cross as a symbol of our faith.


Our Motto

Geosciences should magnify our Lord.

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