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We offer a range of associations with the BGG to fit every person's circumstances and interests. These types of associations show much flexibility with no financial obligations or burden on anyone. The only condition to become a member is that you share our vision and worldview regarding a biblical young universe. We expect a loving and respectful environment in all our activities.

The Committee has the right to decide on the status of membership and its level without any obligation to give justification for its decisions.

The following are the different types of memberships:

Full Members

They are the members who are committed to the Group and its values.

Prominent Members

They are the members who have been members for a long time and participated in the Group as their time allows.

Regular Members

They are the members who are interested in our work, but not actively involved.


Those who are interested in receiving our free publications and news.

Prominent Members
Full Members

Types of Membership

Our Members.

Our members work as one team regardless of their backgrounds in Christian humility, which we learn from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here, we introduce you to the current committee. This committee was elected in May 2021 for a three-year tenure. 

Then we would like you to get to know our speakers, who are keen to help proclaim the Good News to everyone. 

After that, you will meet some of our full and prominent members.

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