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Visit to Perth Core Library

Come and check 10s of thousands kilometers of cores.

8 Sept 2022

On Thursday, Sept. 8th. 22, both Phil Worts and Fr. Abram Abdelmalek, representing the BGG, paid a visit to “The Perth Core Library” in Carlisle. They were warmly greeted by the staff there who accompanied them on a tour around the premises.

The facility was built in 2003 and extended in 2016. The library hosts tens of thousands of cores from WA in addition to many cores from offshore wells around Australia. Between Perth and Kalgoorlie core libraries there are more than 15000 km of cores.

They are sorted into five major groups:

  1. Mining

  2. Petroleum

  3. Water

  4. Historical

  5. Others (stratigraphic, structural, etc. …)

HyLogger spectral scanner was installed in 2009. It is a rapid spectroscopic logging and imaging system that uses continuous visible and infrared reflective spectroscopy and digital imaging to safely examine core, samples, and cuttings. Logs of minerals are automatically produced by Spectral Geologist Software.

These logs and images assist in the geological, petrophysical, and geochemical interpretation of the cores. All the data are available online at GeoVIEW.WA or could be downloaded from the core library for free to the public.

The library has many other facilities like 4 cutting machines, microscopes, thin slide machines, X-Ray Fluorescence (pXRF), and X-Ray Diffractometry (pXRD) instruments.

Some of these instruments can be used by visitors with permission.

The Library also displays some beautiful samples, photos, and instruments of historic value in the entry hall of the facility.

After Phil and Father enjoyed their tour, they went out for coffee where they glorified the Lord in His magnificent creation and discussed a few things regarding the ministry of the BGG.

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the GSWA Perth Core Library Staff.

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