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Scientists Reveal the Real Face of a 35,000-Year-Old Egyptian Man;

One of the oldest Homo sapiens skulls in existence gets a stunning digital makeover.

Popular Mechanics

Darren Orf

April 5, 2023

Fr Abram Abdelmalek



Scientists Reveal the Real Face of a 35,000-Year-Old Egyptian Man;

Darren Orf published  in Popular Mechanics on April 5, 2023, an article with the above title. In it he claims thar A new study pieces together the face of a 35,000-year-old man, whose remains were discovered in Egypt's Nile Valley in 1980.” They used a technique called photogrammetry to reconstruct the skull and the face.

He added “This digital approximation revealed a surprisingly robust jaw (compared to modern humans) and a detailed portrait of a unique era of human history.”. He also made this comment “… though the jaw was much more robust than what’s typically found in modern Homo sapiens, a possible genetic leftover from our Great Ape ancestors”. He was reviewing a paper published in Portuguese in late March.


I do not see a reason for surprises in the shape of the jaw. The bible tells us that since God created Adam and Eve, they procreated children like them. The slight differences in the shape of the jaw is definitely not genetic “leftover from our Great Ape ancestors” but possibly an adaption to the diet that was available to thar man. Despite the deep time associated with the story, it seems that he was one oh Ham’s descendants who migrated to Egypt after the Babylonian event of the confusion of tongues.

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