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A short Book Review
By Fr. Abram Abdelmalek

Signature in the Cell

DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design

by S Meyer
Signature in the Cell
Signature in the Cell

Another wonderful scientific book by Meyer. In it, He is analyzing the source of digital information not only in the DNA, but also in the cell. That includes the RNA (m, t and r), the different types of proteins, the genetics and epigenetics. He also explains the copying, storing, and retrieving data mechanisms, the controlling and operating programs in the cell. He addresses the complex and diverse functions of the same gene in different organisms. He argues the highly unlikely chemical bonding in DNA to be formed by natural processes. He also handles what was known as junk DNA and their functions. The Junk DNA was used to prove the evolution theory, now it points to ID.
He elucidates the design and functions of ribosomes, and the special DNA spatial design.
He concludes the master designer has imprinted his signature in the cell, and that Master Designer is GOD. He infers that “God” is the best explanation of the causal effect for the existence of information in the cell. I highly recommend the book to everyone.

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