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Sherif Thomas

IT and Scripture

Sherif Thomas

"Sherif is an IT specialist with 45 years’ experience in many facets of the vocation. After working in local and international organizations and financial corporates, he is now a freelancer with many American and Canadian firms. He earned his bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration (Information Technology Major) when he was 20. Sherif loved reading and serving his motherland Egypt and the Christian Coptic Orthodox Church since a very young age.

He served in the Egyptian Army for a year, a Sunday School servant, a deacon, an evangelist, and a youth coordinator in several churches in Egypt and the US.

Sherif has been happily married to Eman for almost 40 years, whom he considers the best. They have 2 married sons (Mina 35 and Moheb 31). His children have great influence on his attributes. The eldest challenged him to be wiser, where the youngest taught him critical thinking when it comes to science and philosophy. They migrated to the US in 1994, where they currently live and work. After his family, Sherif considers his books to be his best friends.

Sherif believes in the Bible infallibility, is passionate about creation sciences, ministering God to defend the faith and expose the bad science.

You can reach him at"

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