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Sameh Macary

Oil and Gas, Reservoir Engineering, Bible Studies

Sameh Macary

"B. Sc. (Hons), M. Sc. & Ph. D. in Petroleum Engineering

Sameh has supervised work for giant Upstream Operating & Non-Operating Joint Ventures, both Governmental & Private Sectors, major IOC/NOCs & Service Providers, small Independents, & Academic Institutions. He worked for many companies in the ME & Internationally.

Sameh specialized in managing & risk mitigation for production optimization, developing resources & engineering activities for major LNG & Oil Production Capital Projects, Corporate Planning, Reserves Certification, EOR projects, Surface Network Configuration, Water Disposal, wells’ testing/Intervention (stimulation & surveillance), Artificial Lift, & Water/Gas Injection. Flow assurance and system containment.

He mentored young professional.

He authored & co-authored scientific papers that are published in the SPE.

He contributed to the International Society of Petroleum Engineers that lead him to receive the SPE DeGolyer International Service Medal.

Scientific Research continues to be an essential component of his passions. He always holds a dialogue with Universities, Research Centers, and Commercial Labs to solve operational issues that led to producing lots of compliances, standards, & control tools upon issues like sand & wax production, scale deposition, water disposal, water/gas injection, & production metering.

Sameh is married & have 2 married daughters and 4 grandchildren.

He is a deacon and the General Secretary of St Mark & St George Church in Wanneroo, WA."

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