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Ron Neller

Creation Geology, Fluvial

Ron Neller

Ron holds a B.A. (Hons) and a Ph.D., both in fluvial geomorphology.

He has held lecturing & research positions at the Uni of New England (Aust), Griffith Uni, the Uni of Sunshine Coast (Qld), the Uni of Queensland, Turku Uni (Finland), & The Chinese Uni of Hong Kong. He has also initiated & directed a research institute in environmental sustainability and established two research stations in natural resource management.

While in these positions Ron undertook landscape studies in Australia, China, Finland, Peru, The Pacific Islands, & Libya. He held numerous government advisory positions with the Qld Govt & the Federal Govt of Australia in natural heritage management as well as working with international agencies such as the OECD. Ron stepped down from university involvement in 2008 to launch a consultancy business.

Ron was an occasional churchgoer through parts of his life, but only gave his life to Christ in his early 50s. Although Ron was not a Christian in his earlier years, he was also not a supporter of geological evolution. His research suggested otherwise. Indeed, it was only upon becoming a Christian that his data finally started to make sense. He then commenced to speak at local churches about this journey to the acceptance of the Bible’s history regarding origins and the Flood of Noah, and faith in Christ.

Ron is now part of the Creation Ministries International (CMI) team, where he works as a researcher, writer and speaker. His articles are now appearing in Creation magazine and the Journal of Creation. He authored more than 60 publications.

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