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Phil Worts

Creation Geology

Phil Worts

Philip Worts (pronounced Werts) completed his Bachelor of Applied Science (Mining Geology) from the Western Australian School of Mines, Kalgoorlie, in 1977. He graduated with a Distinction and received two Gold Medal awards from W.A. School of Mines and the Geological Society of Australia, respectively. He has since worked in the fields of mining and exploration geology, in iron-ore, nickel and gold, within the Eastern Goldfields & Yilgarn regions. In the past decades he planned and led a number of Creation Science Safaris around the Stirling Range area, Darling Range south to Mayanup, and north of Perth as far as the Murchison River Gorge. Over the years he has also taught about Creation at various conferences & venues; and led 1-day field trips.

Over the past few decades, Phil & his wife, Jan, have been running a sheep & cropping farm, at Kojonup about 300 kms SSE of Perth. Here they have raised their 3 children; & now have a handful of grandkids. He also has been the Pastoring Elder at the Kojonup Baptist Church for over 30 years now.

Though farming has been his main income source, Phil has maintained an active involvement in geological field investigations, which led to him planning & running Creation Safaris to share these observations with interested people.

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