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Nigel Peter

Geology, Geography, Real Estate

Nigel Peter

Nigel holds a PhD from the University of Hull in Geomorphology and Palaeo-environment and climate.

He is graduated of the Swansea University with B.Sc. Hons, major in Geography, Geology and Economics in 1981

Nigel is an HSE & SD professional with over 25 years’ experience working for and providing services to the oil & gas industry for projects and operating assets and has managed multiple projects and teams during his career.

"In 1985 he was a co-founder of ECOS, an Aberdeen (UK)-based independent environmental consultancy which focused on EMS, EIA and oil spill planning for the oil & gas industry. In 2005 Nigel joined Shell’s internal HSE consultancy group in The Hague, and in 2008 progressed to the E&P New Business Development unit as Senior HSE Advisor for Global Growth. In 2010 Nigel joined the Major Projects group within the Shell Projects & Technology BU as Senior Environmental Engineer and Technical Authority for Environment, and later undertook the role of the Principal Environmental Specialist for the EMEA Region.

Nigel joined SKM in July 2012 as Principal Environmental Consultant and Client Manager (Environment)."

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