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Jon MacKay

Creation Geology

Jon MacKay

John Mackay has publicly debated many leading Evolutionists &

Academics from prestigious institutions such as Oxford & Cambridge & as well as Australian, Canadian, & USA institutions as well others across the globe. John’s success rate is as seen on recordings his main web.

John has graduated in Geology as well as Genetics from Qld Uni & was for many years a science teacher in both state & private secondary education systems in Qld, finishing in the Prestigious

Science Department, at Brisbane Grammar for 9 years. He also lectured in Geology at Tertiary level for Technical Education and was instrumental in establishing Creation Research in Australia.

He is currently International Director of Creation Research and runs the world class Aussie Creation Museum Jurassic Ark. He leads fossil field trips and dinosaur digs around the planet.

John has lectured and done research in USA, UK, Europe, Canada, The Caribbean, NZ, Australia & Asia on the evidence for Creation & Noah’s Flood. Such experience has given him a practical

breadth of knowledge of the overwhelming evidence against evolution. Much of John’s research

has been captured on film - you can see it at his talks & many of his presentations are available on DVD. Commendations by University professors for John’s research and field work are available.

John Mackay is an international speaker & is the Australian Director of Creation Research. He has been a keynote speaker at events such as the 2014 and 2017 UK AiG Mega conference along with Ken Ham in Birmingham, Canada’s Muscoka Baptist Conventions, Australia’s Warwick Easter Conventions.

His many years in teaching have enabled him to communicate well to all ages.

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