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John Oonnuny

Mining Geology

John Oonnuny

"John Oonnunny is an exploration geologist working for a gold company in Australia. He has over 25 years of experience working in India, The Middle East and Australia as hydrogeologist, mine geologist and exploration geologist in various capacities for commodities such as Iron, Gold, Lead, Zinc, Lithium, Uranium, manganese and gypsum.

He possesses a degree in geology, a master’s degree in applied geology and a post graduate diploma in business management from India. He is a member of Australian Institute of Geoscientists

John is the Secretary of the BGG and an active member in the group. He is also an editor in the Creation Geology Magazine. He is an active member in the Indian Orthodox Church in Perth.

He is married and have a married daughter and a charming grandson."

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