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(V. Rev.) Fr.

Abram Abdelmalek

Theology, Geology

Abram Abdelmalek

"Fr Abram is the Senior Parish Priest of St Mary & Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church of WA since 1996. Previously, he has worked as a Petroleum Geologist in various positions in major Oil & Gas Companies and Organizations for 15 years. He worked as operation, exploration & production geologist in addition to well-logging, petrophysics, projects and database management with Esso, Shell, and the Australian Geological Survey Organization.

He presented papers and research before international conferences and symposiums.

He holds a BSc (Hon) in Geology, with further higher studies and B. Theology. He believes in a Young Universe according to the Genesis Narrative. He authored more than 70 publications. He is married to Magda since 1990 with 4 adult children."

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