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(V. Rev.) Fr.

Abram Abdelmalek

Theology, Geology

Abram Abdelmalek

"Fr Abram is the Senior Parish Priest of St Mary & Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church of WA since 1996. Previously, he has worked as a Petroleum Geologist in various positions in major Oil & Gas Companies and Organizations for 15 years. He worked as operation, exploration & production geologist in addition to well-logging, petrophysics, projects and database management with Esso, Shell, and the Australian Geological Survey Organization.

He presented papers and research before international conferences and symposiums.

In addition to his BSc (Hon) in Geology, he holds a MSc in Petrophysics, with further higher studies and a B. Theology and Clerical Sciences. He believes in a Young Universe according to the Genesis Narrative. He authored more than 70 publications. He is married to Magda since 1990 with 4 adult children."

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